Innovative Electrical Products

WEST LIGHT ENERGY S.A. is a Senegal and Ivory Coast-based company that distributes electrical and electronic equipment. Subsidiary of MORGADO & Cª. S.A., represents more than 40 product brands and has been a leader in the Portuguese market for over 47 years with NP EN ISO 9001 certification.

About us

Electrical & electronic equipment

West Light Energy brings together all the experience inherent in its field and offers innovative and diversified quality products, aligned with international standards and solutions tailored to each company.

Our Mission

The energy sector is a very complex field that we master perfectly, yet our mission is to continue to grow, remaining at your disposal to offer quality products and services. We want to continue to innovate, creating value to reinvest and offer jobs to the young people we trust.

Our Vision

Thus, we intend to invest in the field of energy consumption by providing a range of lighting at the forefront of technology for our private and professional customers.

Thank you that you trust us. Quality is West Light Energy


Services that we provide

Industrial Solutions

The study and design of tailor-made industrial solutions according to the specific needs of each client.

Project Consulting

Luminotechnical studies along with counselling and choosing of the best lighting equipment.

Technical Assistance

We provide technical support, training and after-sales service, ensuring the continuous functioning of our products, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

West Light Energy is a Subsidiary from Morgado & Cª S.A.