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WAGO Modbus TCP / UDP 750 Network Coupler with New Features

To deliver superior performance, WAGO upgrades its Modbus TCP network coupler with a host of new features. The new 750-362 coupler connects to WAGO 750 Series I / O modules from the widely used Modbus® network protocol. Connecting a coupler to the I / O modules is simple because the coupler detects all I / O modules and creates a local virtual image, and detection works flawlessly with a structure of different analogue and digital input/output modules.

The new WAGO Network Coupler has very powerful hardware that enables faster startup. The coupler supports Modbus UDP and Modbus TCP protocols. To address “n” Slaves with a Modbus request, it can use up to five Modbus UDP multicast addresses.

With the new coupler, the user always has multicast requests under control. They can be disabled to avoid overloading the network. Couplers can be easily handled without any external tools.

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