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Constantly evolving WAGO Industry Solutions 4.0, with a focus on efficient sustainability and energy efficiency optimization, among a range of areas of expertise include building automation, energy monitoring, cybersecurity and IT solutions.

Increasingly, Wago stands out in the market with innovative solutions that enable its customers to more easily access Industry 4.0 through IoT solutions.

PLCs with easy cloud integration is already a reality, and Wago is not left out with its Cloud Solution, which allows customers to access their data faster and more flexible. Wago today has its Cloud service but also integrates with other vendors such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, SAP Cloud.

The possibility of data exchange with IT systems is a reality since there are in the Wago PFC200 PLCs the IT communication protocols such as MQTT and OPC-UA.

One of the highlights of Wago solutions is also Smart Building solutions, where the customer achieves more efficient lighting control, and several other controls, such as energy monitoring, so that companies can achieve sustainable certifications, such as Greenbuilding.

Finally, one of the pillars of Industry 4.0 is data acquisition, but how to generate availability securely? Wago solutions have cybersecurity, such as the ability to create firewalls and VPNs so that you can communicate data securely.

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